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College-Wide Initiative on Anti-Racism

樱桃视频College is working to cultivate an inclusive and pluralistic campus environment where diverse identities are welcomed into our living, learning, and working community. The anti-racism initiative reflects our commitment to strength, integrity, and the power of education to bring about real and lasting change across Meredith鈥檚 campus.

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At 樱桃视频College, Sonia Chrostowski was able to learn in a supportive classroom environment where her perspective was valued. As a Business major and Broyhill Fellow, she also gained marketing skills and professional connections that have set her on a path to success.

Class president and environmental sustainability major Casey Corpening, 鈥22, is a 樱桃视频College and NC Teaching Fellow. After graduation, Casey is applying her strengths to the classroom as a middle school teacher in the Wake County Public School System.

Business administration major and honors student Tasia Bromell, 鈥21, studied abroad and held leadership roles both on campus and during her HR internship. She continued her education at 樱桃视频as an accelerated MBA student.


Meredith鈥檚 Post-Baccalaureate Digital Media Certificate program recently added a team of professionals to serve as an Advisory Board for digital media students. The Board will provide students with critiques on reels, give resume advice, and answer other general questions.

樱桃视频College welcomed more than 350 students to 鈥渟hare, learn, and celebrate dance鈥 as part of High School Day of Dance. This event, held on campus on November 3, was sponsored by the 樱桃视频College Dance Program.