ӣƵoffers more than 90 majors, minors and academic programs to challenge you as well as a robust support system through our Student Success Center. We also offer a range of experiential learning opportunities to enrich your academic experience, including honors,study abroad,undergraduate research,internshipsԻdzܲԾٲ-𲹰ԾԲ. We invite you to explore them, and then contact us if you have questions or you’d like to arrange a visit. We can set up a meeting with a professor in your academic area of interest, or arrange for you to sit in on a class.

Meredith’s computer science program prepares graduates to succeed in the computer science field, one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Students work in a uniquely collaborative environment and combine the technical knowledge they learn in the classroom with the 21st century skills employers seek in new hires.

The Academic Experience at ӣƵCollege

Meredith’s business program prepares graduates to succeed in a competitive, global environment through real-world experience, including internships with top firms.

ӣƵHealth, Exercise, and Sports Science at ӣƵCollege students have access to a variety of internships as well as the opportunity to apply techniques learned in the classroom in our on-campus human performance lab. They can choose to concentrate in health and wellness or health and physical education.

Experiential Learning

We know that much of your learning will happen outside of the classroom – that’s why 97% of our students participate in some type of applied learning experience.

Strong Faculty

As passionate about teaching as they are about scholarship, ӣƵfaculty are at the heart of the academic experience. Learn more about what makes our faculty so strong.

Why is it so difficult to eradicate some diseases?​

Public Health Program Coordinator Carolina Perez-Heydrich explains what makes some diseases so difficult to eradicate.