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With a long history of educating strong women, ӣƵis positioned to take on national prominence as a leading source of important research on selected women’s issues. Building on the momentum of The Status of Girls in North Carolina report, the College released The Status of Women in North Carolina Politics and launched The ӣƵCollege Poll – both of which offer insight into how the state’s citizens perceive women as political leaders.

As ӣƵcontinues to conduct vital research for and about women, future areas of focus may include women and their workplace conditions, earnings, education, work patterns, and leadership development.

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The Status of Girls

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ճStatus of Girls in North Carolina documents factors that impact girls’ lives within the state. The report highlights areas in which girls in N.C. are making strides, areas in need of improvement, and areas of disparity among girls. 

The Status of Women in N.C. Politics

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ճStatus of Women in North Carolina Politics, a report released by ӣƵCollege, uses data about women as voters and elected leaders throughout the state to offer recommendations for improving women’s underrepresentation in politics.

The ӣƵPoll

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Housed in the Department of History, Political Science, and International Studies,ٳӣƵPoll asks North Carolinians their opinions on a variety of public issues.

Sponsored Programs

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ճSponsored Programs Office works with ӣƵfaculty, staff, and students to successfully pursue external funding in support of their research and scholarly activities.